Travel Like an Architect

Welcome to our Cruise Travel Agent website.

You are extra special to us because you are entering our site via a click through from our Blog: Travel Like an Architect™!  You know - it means you didn't find us by searching on Google.  it means that you have been following us and reading what we publish and that means alot to us!  We LOVE cruising and want to share what we LOVE with you! 

Here is the deal - we just like to help people CRUISE.  So we help people learn about cruising and inspire the desire at our blog - then, after that we hope that you will help us, by booking with us.  You see, nothing in life is actually FREE..  but we have figured out that by asking our followers to book with us, we can help you FOR FREE!  Being a travel agent is kind of like we have an affiliate account with ALL the cruise brands..  These cruise brands pay us to help YOU! You don't have to pay us one cent!  Think of us as your FEE FREE CRUISE TRAVEL HOSTS!

We help inspire YOU  > > >  You book with US  > > >  We help you DETAIL your PLANS - and teach you to Plan Like an Architect!

You can actually BOOK HERE You enter your name and credit card details just like you would anywhere else.  You get confirmation directly from the Cruise Line, because we are wired right into their live inventory.  

If you're not ready to book yet - it is also a GREAT PLACE to do some  research, and learn more.

If you wish you can CONTACT us first!  We will create your booking for you - if you don't like that DIY process.  Our ONLY criteria for booking help, is that a portion of your trip be A CRUISE!

In ANY CASE, in whatever booking method you choose, we will be looking over your shoulder, making sure everything jives!  Cruise Travel is kind of unique in that you can actually "MISS THE BOAT" if you book the wrong flight or other connection.  If you want the assurance of having someone EXPERIENCED look over and detail your plans...  we are your people!

Go ahead, CLICK the BLUE LINKS above and see where it takes you.