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I grew up in a poor, to lower middle class environment.  My family didn’t have health insurance. My father was self employed and struggled to make enough money to keep our family comfortable.  I lived on occasion without electricity, gas service, and phone service.  A family vacation was a camping trip.  If you had asked me then where I would go someday - I don't know what I would have said.  Maybe I would say the grocery store without skimping or the doctor when I wasn’t feeling well.  But I worked hard at everything I did and now -  those goals are so far behind…

Today I am the motivating force and primary content creator at www.TravelLikeAnArchitect.com and I am the President / Treasurer and Architectural Designer at Belles Firm of Architecture Inc.  I have  been cruising with my husband Rob for 25 years, visiting 4 Continents and 33 Countries, and have spent almost eight months of my life “at sea”, and some might say "On Vacation"!   But I am never really off work - I LOVE my WORK!

I love cruising because it is safe, convenient, and affordable!  There is a brand match for any personality and budget. About 8 years ago my husband and I became a Cruises Inc. independent contractors so we could share our love of cruising with others, and get paid a little something for the time. As such I learned a lot about the cruise industry from all perspectives.  I am a frequent Cruiser.  I am an Advisor.  I am a Blogger.

At the year end of 2021 the Cruises Inc. brand is being eliminated, and I am continuing my mission to teach all to Travel Like an Architect™.  This site, "Planning To Cruise" is the replacement search engine that is needed for shoppers to find what they want and make informed decisions about their own cruise vacation..  I am thrilled to be setting up my own Cruise shopping brand right HERE!

The easiest way to explain the force behind the Blog, Travel Like an Architect™, is to say that the Architect mind is three dimensional. My husband Rob is the architect we travel like.

He thinks of everything.  Every possible scenario, or problem.  I am the problem solver.  From our partnership comes, great PLANS!  Because everything has been considered, and you are well prepared for ALL.  Cruising steps up to meet this demand well because so much of your food, accommodations and transportation are included by default.  What is left to plan is the FUN stuff. So please reach out and ask questions.  I will help you sort it all out in an easy to understand way.

Per late, I travel with just my husband.  In the past we took the kids, but those days are gone.  They are grown and committed to jobs that have limited time off. And one now has children of her own.  Some day we will be allowed to take them, we hope.  But my experience has taught me the challenges of traveling as a couple and family.  Today I am grateful to be a vibrant empty nester and I know how fortunate I am to work for Belles Firm of Architecture, where together with Rob, we are the boss’. With today’s technology we can Cruise Travel almost as much as we want!

How much is ENOUGH anyway?

Can you work remotely, long enough to Get Away?

Interested in trying Cruising?

As cruising re-opens post covid there are 100% fully vaccinated and tested cruises where you can relax in a place that is safer than your home town.  Rob and I are making it a PRIORITY to personally experience as many cruise brands as possible and report our findings to you at the Blog: www.TravelLikeAnArchitect.com  - Click the link and Subscribe at the pop up to learn more, as we publish.

We discovered long ago that we can vacation while answering our business phone through Cruise Travel. Later we learned that we can cruise longer if we work remotely. Now we use a portion of our “Sea Days” to put in some billable time, while enjoying the ship's amenities and a beautiful view while working.

I know that too many self employed people NEVER vacation, because they think they can't get away. But I also know that you can cruise almost any waterway in the world.  Many are VERY afforadable! Let us help you discover cruise travel of the world.  By cruising you can stay connected and they might not even notice you are gone. 

My favorite place on the ship is all the way Aft, overlooking the wake.  There I can see all the waves of my life settling out on a smooth horizon way in the past…  It’s a beautiful thing for sure!  Won’t you join me?

Where do you DREAM of going?

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