Princess Cruises – Search for the Northern Lights – 14 Night – Caribbean Princess

Princess - Search for the Northern Lights - 14 Night - Caribbean Princess September 24 - October 08, 2024
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Princess Cruises - Search for the Northern Lights sets sail from Southampton (London) just in time to reach the Arctic Circle for the days preceding the new moon of October 2nd 2024. The new moon (darkest skies) is the most promising time to see the Northern Lights. Of course Mother Nature offers no guarantees, but a little wisdom goes a long way. Fingers Crossed... We fly to London on September 22nd, overnight. We arrive at 6am-ish on the 23rd. This is a no nap day of exploring of London. We overnight at an airport hotel. In the morning of the 24th a tour will pick us up and take us to Stonehenge before embarking on the Caribbean Princess Ship at Southampton Port.


Date Location Arrive Depart
09/24/2024 Southamptom (London), England 2pm 4pm
09/25/2024 Cruising the North Sea
09/26/2024 Cruising the North Sea
09/27/2024 Trondheim, Norway noon 8pm
09/28/2024 Cruising the Norwegian Sea
09/29/2024 Tromso, Norway 9am 11:59 pm
09/30/2024 Alta, Norway 11am
10/01/2024 Alta, Norway 11pm
10/02/2024 Cruising the Norwegian Sea
10/03/2024 Lofoten Islands (Gravdal), Norway 8am 11pm
10/04/2024 Cruising the Norwegian Sea
10/05/2024 Alesund, Norway 8am 5pm
10/06/2024 Cruising the North Sea
10/07/2024 Cruising the North Sea
10/08/2024 Southamptom (London), England 7am

Per Person Pricing

(Based on double occupancy)
Accommodation Category Type Per Person
Least expensive staterooms starting at: (while supply lasts) IF Interior Guarantee 1,703.00
Balcony recommended for scenic cruise experience - starting at: (while supply lasts) BD Balcony Guarantee 3,334.00

Additional Services

Item Price
Pre Cruise Hotel - Optional $315.15 double occupancy
Pre Cruise Excursion to Stonehendge includes Transfer from London to Ship on Embarkation Day $181.00 per person
Princess Plus Upgrade Package - Wifi, Gratuities, Beverages & More $60 per day, per guest
Princess Premier Package - Wifi, Gratuities, Beverages, Photo Package, Specialty Dining & More $80 per day, per guest
Aurora Borealis Tour - Alta Norway - Optional $166.00 per person

Deposit Requirements

$100 Per Person - Non Refundable Deposit

Onboard Spending - $60 and up depending on room category.

Call for Refundable Deposit options: 815-516-0300


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