Train Travel

If sticking mainly to the four imperial cities—Fez, Meknès, Rabat, and Marrakesh—you're best off taking the train and using petits taxis. Morocco's punctual rail system, Office National des Chemins de Fer, mostly serves the north. From Casablanca and Rabat the network runs east via Meknès and Fez to Oujda, north to Tangier, and south to Marrakesh. Buses link trains with Tetouan, Nador, and Agadir, and you can buy through tickets covering both segments before departing.

Trains are divided into first class (première classe) and second class (deuxième classe). First class is a very good buy compared to its counterpart in Europe, but second class is comfortable, too. Long-distance trains seat six people to a compartment in first class, eight to a compartment in second class.

Fares are relatively inexpensive compared to Europe. A first-class ticket from Casablanca to Fez costs 160 DH. You can buy train tickets at any station up to six days in advance. Purchasing your ticket on the train is pricier and can only be done in cash. Kids travel at half price on Moroccan trains.

Smoking is prohibited by law on public transport, but in practice people smoke in corridors and areas between coaches.


Office National des Chemins de Fer. 0890/20–30–40;


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